Feel good about the next step We’re right beside you


Feel good about the next step We’re right beside you



Work With Nest was originally created in 2013 by Maggie to close the gaps in parenting support and career coaching. As an experienced midwife and senior manager, Maggie saw that many new parents felt lost during the early transition into parenthood and were anxious about their return to work. Nest was designed to embrace all aspects of an individual’s life and to provide continuity of support, knowing that continuity and support has proven benefits on health, mental and spiritual wellbeing, relationships and performance.

For many of us, our lives have changed dramatically with many feeling new levels of stress and worry, as a result of what’s happening in their family and workplace lives right now. Many speak about their concerns for the future and how to prepare themselves to adapt to whatever lies ahead.

Our coaches can help you – whether it’s how you’re feeling, how to build resilience, manage relationships or maximise career opportunities in uncertain times. We can support you whether you are working from home, transitioning back into the workplace or trying to manage remote teams, to successfully operate in whatever is the ‘new normal’.


Our team of experienced coaches come from a variety of backgrounds with wide-ranging expertise, including management, HR, recruitment, education and health services.

Some of us are working parents, so we understand what it is like to juggle family and working life and all that goes with it.

All members of our team have enhanced DBS clearance, are indemnified and are professionally trained in child and vulnerable adult protection. Our qualifications and experience allow us to signpost to other services if the need arises.


(Founder and Director)

Maggie started her career in the hospitality industry and then qualified as a nurse and a midwife. With a desire to make meaningful change for employees and clients, she went on to design, implement and lead innovative and responsive family-centered health services which were recognised nationally. Maggie has also been actively involved in strategy, policy and guideline development. She has also established a risk and governance department within a women’s and children’s service in a leading NHS trust.

Having managed diverse workforces including hospitality, the NHS and a successful financial technology start-up, Maggie is well-versed in recruitment and retention, diversity and inclusion, health and wellness and improving employee and employer initiatives.

Maggie is passionate about positive mental health and has made many personal and career transitions herself. She therefore understands the challenges that life today brings and the pressures that individuals, families and organisations face. She believes coaching can bring positivity and meaningful change to any transition so that people can move forward with confidence, to get what they want out of life, at whatever stage.

Maggie has a BSC (Hons) in Health Studies and diplomas in child and adolescent psychology, child and adolescent nutrition, cognitive behavioural therapy, (CBT) neuro linguistic programming (NLP), coaching and mindfulness.


Having worked in education for over 25 years, both as an educator and behind the scenes, Darren is passionate about helping others learn how they can be the best they can be and lead lives that are happy and meaningful.

From starting out as a teacher, Darren moved into educational marketing and communications working for a range of publishers and educational institutions. He is an experienced coach who works with staff in organisations to help them reach their full potential and flourish in their roles. His experience covers working with individual and team conflict issues and relationship management, as well as working with those who lack confidence, motivation and clarity around goals. He helps people to overcome the fears that are holding them back, to trust in their unique talents and succeed in whatever they choose to do.

Darren works with a range of people, from experienced senior executives to those just starting out in their careers. He also brings his counselling and mentoring experience to his coaching work, which enables him to work with the person as a whole and the personal context of their life.

Darren has Diploma in Transformational Coaching, Certificates in Counselling and Mentoring, Post-Graduate Certificate in Adult Education and CIM Professional Diploma in Marketing.


Having worked in marketing, banking, property and recruitment, Jane has built up a career management, coaching and mentoring portfolio to enable individuals find, or re-find, their career direction. Supporting clients in finding their ‘ideal’ position, Jane’s focus is on making the most of individual client’s innate talent to reach their full potential. With experience gained in predominantly corporate and then third sectors, Jane is able to assist clients at all stages of their working lives and has recently written a paper on the specific challenges faced by older workers and the benefits of the portfolio career for late-career professionals.

With a rich understanding of the challenges clients face when seeking the right job, Jane concentrates on confidence building and matching an individual’s aspirations to the ‘right’ opportunity that makes the most of their skills and abilities. For owner/employers, Jane supports businesses to create an optimised working environment by ensuring that employees roles are appropriately filled to deliver the best outcome for both individuals and businesses. With an understanding of the changing world of work in the 21st century, Jane supports human resource strategies that enable businesses to reliably on-board new recruits and returners whilst improving retention levels. Fundamental to business success is the achievement of good work-life balance supported by high well-being metrics that allow both employees and employers to realise the benefits of a happy and productive workforce.

Jane has a HMD Business studies Advertising and Marketing and a Post Graduate Diploma in Career Management and Coaching


Carole’s passion for psychology and young people led her to become a life coach after years of teaching French and being a progress coach for three years in a Sixth Form College. Carole’s passion for exploring what it means to live a congruent life, happy and full of experiences led her to study a large range of topics from Positive psychology to Existentialism. Carole supports her clients to understand themselves and to discover what motivates them. As a result, she empowers them to go the extra mile, go out of their comfort zone, resolve inner and outer conflicts and embrace life’s challenges.

Carols believes coaching enables clients to realise what really matters in life, increase their self-awareness and gain self-compassion which in turn improves their overall happiness.

Carole has experience working in a variety of setting including working with individuals, students, business owners and individuals from Academia.

Carole has a MA Business Management and English and is a certified Transformational Life Coach, Youth Coach, Group Coach, Positive Psychology Coach and Existential Coach.


Anne has a wealth of corporate experience, particularly in the Financial Services industry, where she worked to a senior level, with a focus on providing excellent customer service, efficient working practises and risk management. Anne works as a corporate consultant, alongside working for Nest, bringing a very practical approach, as she’s very much in touch with what goes on in the workplace.

Whilst building her own career, Anne’s focus was constantly on how to get the best out of her teams and ensure their career progression was fully supported, paying particular attention to the impact of employees taking responsibility for their own behaviour and the importance being engaged in roles that focused on their strengths and skills. Anne understands the value in having happy and motivated employees, which is essential for the success and profitability of any organisation.

Anne is absolutely passionate about empowering people to work to the best of their ability, using her coaching and mentoring skills and experience, communicating honestly, kindly and openly, in the employee and employers’ best interests. Her belief is how can people make a change if they don’t recognise what needs to change and why? It appears all too common that no one has had the courage to have this conversation.

Anne has a Diploma in Higher Education in Management, with Distinction, and holds Diplomas, in Transformational Coaching, Positive Impact Coaching and Life Coaching. Anne is a volunteer coach with Yes Futures, a charity supporting young people face the future with confidence and resilience.


Maria has a degree in Economics and Business Administration gained in Barcelona, and speaks five languages (English, Spanish, Catalan, French, and Italian).

As a mother of three, Maria is familiar with balancing family life and work. Throughout her career in media, Maria held senior strategic positions and understands the challenges and pressures that come with senior management roles.

As a coach, Maria believes in supporting families, whatever they look like, from the early years onwards. In particular, she focuses on tools that help families manage their time effectively so that all the steps are in place for daily life to run as smoothly as possible, so they can enjoy quality time together.

Maria likes to help people look to the future and feel positive and fulfilled.


Lisa is an experienced registered nurse with a special interest in diabetes management. She holds diplomas in coaching, family planning and sexual health, diabetes care, and aromatherapy and massage. She also holds an advanced diploma in nutrition.

Lisa began her career in recruitment, before training as a nurse and going on to work in a major London teaching hospital and in general practice for 10 years.

She is also a trained aromatherapist and has a keen interest in stress management and nutrition. As a mother of two grown up boys, she has a good understanding of the challenges involved in working and running a sometimes hectic household.

Lisa is an accredited trainer for Allergywise Anaphylaxis, with experience training staff at all levels.


Jacqui Szlachetko is a psychotherapist and psychodynamic counsellor who works both for the NHS and in private practice, in line with the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy code. Jacqui previously ran the patient support group for IVF patients at the Hammersmith hospital and has extensive experience of fertility and parenting issues, and supporting those facing anxiety, depression and bereavement.