Nest for Companies

Show your staff you care about their wellbeing, not just their work


Nest for Companies

Show your staff you care about their wellbeing, not just their work


Re-think attraction, recruitment and retention for a happy and productive workforce

Innovative employee coaching and consulting packages for forward-thinking businesses who value their teams.

By investing in meaningful, recruitment, retention and health and wellbeing strategies which include tailored coaching for staff at all levels. Not only will you attract the brightest new talent, but you’ll see results in performance and retention too.

How Nest Coaching can help employers

Your employees will benefit from:

  • A sense of belonging and value in the workplace
  • An increased confidence in returning to and remaining in work
  • A sense of wellbeing and becoming their own expert
  • Support for career progression
  • Understanding your skills and fit in the workplace

As an employer, you will benefit from:

  • A motivated, loyal and high-performing workforce
  • Cost savings around recruitment, retention, absenteeism and presenteeism
  • Growth and success for your business
  • Demonstration of commitment
  • Providing support services in line with and beyond government policies and recommendations

A partnership with Nest Coaching will be a visual reminder to staff that you are a company that cares

Our services are designed to reinforce and compliment your existing activities around diversity and inclusion, flexible and agile working, work-life balance, employee support and employee assistance programmes.

We can help you position your health and wellbeing initiatives so that they sit comfortably alongside your business strategies.

Work With Nest will deliver coaching solutions to help employees at any level understand where they are now and where they wish to be.

Some of the coaching we provide includes:

  • Coaching and consultancy for management and HR teams to strengthen strategies around recruitment, retention and health and wellness
  • Wellbeing, parenting, career and performance coaching
  • Management coaching for organisational and behavioural change, translating strategy into reality
  • Facilitated group or team coaching, workshops and action learning sets
  • Support around work and family life, including maternity and paternity support, compassionate and special leave
  • Supporting employees facing and going through the menopause

Coaching can take place in the work place, at home, or online.

Sports teams use expert coaches to achieve results.
Why not let us do the same for you?

How it Works

You make an enquiry

Nest offers a free initial consultation, so we can explore your needs, goals and objectives

Together we create a bespoke package of services that are right for you

Let’s go


We have worked in partnership with Nest for over 2 years. They provide invaluable coaching support to our employees around issues and challenges they experience outside the workplace which could have materially impacted their performance. This support has proven invaluable in boosting workplace productivity and moral.

CEO Kuber Ventures Limited

I found it very difficult to adjust to sharing my parenting with my ex and thought I was not providing enough. Nest helped me to recognise my successes and realise I was a good enough mum. They gave me excellent information to work with and help me to come to an agreement with my partner that worked for all of us.

Hospitality Action referral

Thank you for listening. We no longer feel alone and my daughter is much happier and we are seeing big improvements.

Company EAP Programme

Nest helped me to look at my anxieties around delivering public presentations. I was confident with face to face negotiations but had anxiety and confidence issues around group presentations. Nest helped me to look at where this came from and enabled me to overcome my anxieties and to utilise my skills so that I could achieve my sales goals, working with both audiences.

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